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Michael Burry Stock Portfolio 2022

In 2000 Michael Burry founded hedge fund Scion Capital. During first year of its operation while S&P 500 fell 11.88% Burry made for his investors 55% thanks to short selling of of overvalued internet companies. Next year Scion Capital was also ahead of market — S&P 500 fell 22.1% while Burry made +16% for his fund. In 2004 Michael Burry fund was up 50%!

Michael Burry Portfolio

But the real success came to Michael Burry during the global financial crisis. His bet against mortgage-based securities made him personally ~$100 million! His investors made more than $700 million combined. This story is chronicled in the famous movie «The Big Short».

In 2009 Michael Burry closed his fund and retired. Then in 2013 he decided to go back to business. His current investment vehicle is called Scion Asset Management. Please, take a look at its current holdings.

Scion Asset Management Stock Portfolio as of 31 December, 2021 (reported to SEC on 14 February, 2022)

CompanyTickerMarket value as of 31 December, 2021Number of shares
Bristol-Myers SquibbBMY18,705,000300,000
Fidelity National Financial Inc.FNF16,959,000325,000
General DynamicsGD16,678,00080,000
Aea Bridges Impact Corp Cl AIMPX3,668,0001,000,100
GEO Group Inc.GEO6,588,000850,000
CoreCivic Inc.CXW555,4275,538,000
Total market value ($)74,459,000

Source: SEC report